Detroit PBS Piece on Coney Origins, June 6, 2024

Back on Feb. 22nd, I headed to Gillies Coney Island Restaurant in Mt. Morris, MI, to be interviewed because of my book, alongside founder Dave Gillie, by Bill Kubota of Detroit PBS for a segment on the history and variations of Coney Islands in Michigan. After a lot of research on Bill’s part, the piece ran on PBS on June 6th. You can watch the entire segment below. Enjoy!!

Interview with CBC Windsor, Ontario, Canada, January 1, 2024

Kathleen Saylors of the CBC in Windsor, Ontario, interviewed me in mid-December 2023 about the history of Coney Islands, as they’re now beginning to enjoy them on that side of the border. This story, “What’s a coney dog and why do Windsorites love them? These pros say it’s in our history“, includes my interview, as well as shop owners over there. An edited version of my video interview is included below.

Fish & The Flint Chronicles Podcast with Gary L. Fisher, March 29, 2023

Gary L. Fisher, CEO of G.L. Fisher Capital Management in Flint, and the current President of the Genesee County Historical Society, had me on his podcast “Fish & The Flint Chronicles” on March 29, 2023. Click here to listen to the entire post on his web site.

Radio Free Flint Podcast with Arthur Busch, May 3, 2022

Radio Free Flint is a Michigan podcast featuring storytelling and interviews with interesting and smart people such as authors, musicians, journalists, activists, lawyers, athletes, entrepreneurs and artists. Storytelling includes local and Michigan history. If you like intelligent conversation you will love Radio Free Flint podcasts.

Podcast host Arthur Busch is the former Prosecuting Attorney in Flint, Michigan. The Radio Free Flint podcast is dedicated to the beleaguered town of Flint, Michigan and communities like it across America.